MODOLO DUMBO 3d - Standard

The Adjustable trekking handlebar


The renowned Modolo DUMBO handlebar, appreciated by ciclo-tourists from around the world for its freedom of adjustment is updated this year with two new versions. Both shares the classic DUMBO “U" shaped central system, but they offer two different types of bends. 

The Standard version has improved the previous geometry, now less squared, more compact, and comfortable for the hands. In addition, the total length of the handlebar with these new appendices reaches 62cm.

The multi-positions trekking handlebar Modolo Dumbo 3D - V2, thanks to its original shape, allows the fine tuning in 3 axis of the geometry. You will be able to adapt avery angle, length and height to your personal need. The 2 appendix are locked to the central “U” tube with special clamps, strong and easy to adjust. Persons with skeletal asymmetry will find their best comfort using the DUMBO handlebar. The expert cyclist will find a solid ally in the long run. 

Technical detail

Material : ALU 5086 H34 E.W

Length : variable from 56 to 62 cm / ext-ext

Weight : 629 gr.

Height : variabile 35 mm.

Lateral Angle : +/-10° or free

Lateral Rotation: +/-35° or free

D. Central Tube : 25.4 mm

D. Lateral bends : 22.2 mm

Color : Black anodized with laser measurement detail

The tubes are lasered with measured references for precise setting of the desired angle, length or height.


The Special Clamps with embroiled logo allows the users to set all the regulations on the Modolo Dumbo handlebar


The bridge solidly keep togheter the sides for a rigid and safe ride. Laser logo and cable passage. Precise and fast alignment of the two sides.

Each of the 2 new version of the dumbo handlebar shares the same central "U" tube, clamps, and bridge.


The user can upgrade and convert the shape buying the Standard or Sport appendix. 


The 2 new appendix are compatible with older version of the Modolo Dumbo


For a more compact and lighter shape the central "U" tube can be cut ( instructions provided on manual)*


* An authorized dealer must do this in order to maintain warranty.


Dumbo Bike Bag

The new Dumbo Bike Bag, a must have for any Dumbo owner. Made in Italy in collaboration with Miss Grape, this bag is specially personalized to match perfectly with Modolo dumbo Handlebar.

Modolo was the first company in the world to build comfortable bike handlebars for trekking as the famous YUMA. The Modolo DUMBO handlebar is a subsequent derivation of the YUMA. Born in 2002 and still produced in Italy, it has now been further improved with the new 2017 versions, improving ergonomics in the elongated grip and width adjustment from min. 56 to max. 72 mm.


The Dumbo handlebar is also stiffer than "Yuma" for the two sides are shorter and constrained rigidly to the clamps, so it is more suitable for demanding climbs not dispersing energy in bending. On the other hand low grip, which is slightly more elastic, offers the right driving comfort in any type of road surface.

Dumbo Sport
Dumbo Sport