Modolo Dumbo sport

The multi-positions trekking handlebar Modolo Dumbo 3D - V2, thanks to its original shape, allows the fine tuning in 3 axis of the geometry. You will be able to adapt avery angle, length and height to your personal need. The 2 appendix are locked to the central “U” tube with special clamps, strong and easy to adjust. Persons with skeletal asymmetry will find their best comfort using the DUMBO handlebar. The expert cyclist will find a solid ally in the long run. 

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The Sport version provides an horizontal position and is suitable for those who want a lighter product, or does not need the multi-position. These two new appendices are also available as an upgrade for owners of the previous version.

 Material : ALU 5086 H34 E.W


Length : variable from 64 to 70 cm / ext-ext

Weight : 577 gr.

Height : variabile 35 mm.

Lateral Angle : +/-10° or free

Lateral Rotation: +/-35° or free

D. Central Tube : 25.4 mm

D. Lateral bends : 22.2 mm

Color : Black anodized with laser measurement detail


74,95 €

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